Anatomy of a Citation

This semester I am teaching a course on academic writing. I’m actually quite enjoying it, although I know it’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea!

Since I’m teaching academic writing, I’m spending time going over citations and citation styles. So, I created this slideshow to help my students understand the components of citations and how they work in different citation styles. It is color coded, and if you play the slide shows, all the (crazy looking) arrows appear at different times and point out the different parts of a citation.

Please feel free to use this slide show (leave a comment below if you do, I’d love to know!). I’m also including a link to the pdf form without the arrows. I’ve given this to my students for them to continue to reference.

Enjoy. 🙂

(Click the bottom left hand corner where it says “Google Slides” to open it in slides. From there, you can go to File > Make a copy to save a copy to your own Google Drive.)

PDF: Anatomy of a Citation


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